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Stimulates multiple senses – visual, auditory, and sometimes tactile. Catering to different learning styles, comprehensive understanding.

Enhanced Retention

Engaging with content actively, rather than passively listening or reading, often leads to better memory retention.

Digital Age

interactive learning ensures education remains relevant, modern, and in line with the digital skills required for the future.

Smartboard : Revolutionize Your Presentations

Elevate communication and engagement with our state-of-the-art Interactive Smartboard. Revolutionize the way you connect and engage with your audience.


Interactive vs Passive

Interactive learning is a more hands-on, real-world process of relaying information in classrooms. Passive learning relies on listening to teachers lecture or rote memorization of information, figures, or equations.

Passive Learning
Interactive Learning


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smartboard reviews

More than 800+ Google Review

"The ARVIA Smartboard is an excellent tool for classrooms and conference room. It's invaluable for modern-day teaching."

Sharif Aiman Arvia User.

"An interactive smartboard like a large tablet, powered by Windows with multi-touch, wireless, and annotation features."

Fakhrul Anuar Arvia User.

"The ARVIA TV, with its user-friendly interface, is an innovative educational tool appealing to both educators and students."

Sa'adah Achari Arvia User.

"Attended SSTP JPNJ's Smartboard Workshop with Israk & GEG; excited for our school's Smartboard."

Param Singh Arvia User.

"Reliable and user-friendly gadget; enhances my interactive teaching for younger kids. Kudos to the informative team."

Cikgoo Ann Arvia User.

"Schools should adopt the Arvia Smartboard for interactive learning; even Canva creations come alive on it!"

Marissa Arvia User.

"Kudos to the Israk Team for expertly setting up our 75" smartboard and 4k video conferencing. Special thanks to En Azahar and Norain. We'll be back for future needs!"

BryanLee91 Arvia User.

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